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Mini system complete of two thermographic plates with different thermal gradients which can be utilisable in any season and country. This system couples a very easy use with a very interesting purchase price.

This system couples a very easy use with a low purchase cost.

Studied and developed for an easy and fast approach to CONTACT THERMOGRAPHY METHODOLOGY destined to the detection of the thermal aspects of cellulite and its classification.

Particularly suitable to the MEDICAL AESTHETIC PARLOURS, BEAUTY INSTITUTES and PHARMACIES/DRUGSTORES offering a basic aesthetic assistance to their customers

Kit is composed of:

  • 4 color print rigid coated container size 16 x 30 cm (closed) and 64 x 30 cm (open)
  • two HIGH RESOLUTION CONTACT THERMOGRAPHY plate size 23.5 x 11.5 cm – 6 color temperature display
  • plate RW 28 S temperature range from 27.3 to 32.1 °C
  • plate RW 31 S temperature range from 30.3 to 35.1 °C
  • booklet of charts for thermographic test recordings
  • User instructions in 2 language versions ( English and French or Spanish and Portuguese)



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