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PROFHILO© IBSA 3.2% (1 Prefilled syringe + 2 needles)


PROFHILO© IBSA 3.2% (1 Prefilled syringe + 2 needles)  

(EAN 8033638954966  Aic: 947254381)

Contents of  PROFHILO® 3.2% box:

1 PREFILLED PROFHILO® SYRINGE  3.2%  (32 mg H+HA) + 32 mg (L+HA) 2 ml

Syringes are pre-filled, sterilized, put in a single blister,  multi language instructions.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) ¡s a polysaccharide naturally present ¡n the human body whose primary function is maintaining the correct tissue hydration, thanks to its intrinsic capacity to bind large amounts of water.
Hyaluronic acid sodium salt is composed of repeated disaccharide units of N-acetylglucosamine and sodium glucuronate chains, and is a fundamental component of the extracellular matrix in a majority of tissues including the skin.
PROFHILO® constitutes a buffered physiological solution of high molecular weight (H-HA) and low molecular weight (L-HA) HA. The HA, at both high and low molecular weights used in the device, is obtained through a biofermentation process without chemical modification and therefore, resulting in excellent tolerability.
Furthermore, due to a specific and patented treatment of the solution (NAHYCO Hybrid Technology), the H-HA and L-HA chains, contained in PROFHILO®, interact with each other providing unique rheological characteristics and thus allowing the administration of higher concentrations of HA without increasing the viscosity.
The formulation of HA with different molecular weights contained in PROFHILO® ¡s based on Hydrolift® Action. This innovative approach ¡s aimed at counteracting the physiological reduction of HA in the skin, restoring hydration, elasticity and skin tone, by associating, in a synergic way, deep hydration with the mechanical action of lifting the skin.
The other components of the product are: sodium chloride, sodium phosphate and water for Injectable preparations.
PROFHILO® acting through a corrective/filling action of natural and induced cutaneous depressions, intervenes:
• in the physiological process of skin aging, the effects of which include reduced skin hydration, the alteration of elastic fibers and collagen of the dermis, with loss of turgor and skin tone;
• in the dermal tissue repair process, in cases of scars resulting from superficial Cutaneous trauma (e.g. acne and chicken pox scars).
The viscoelastic and hydrating properties of HA, combined with the ability to maintain adequate levels of HA ¡n the cutaneous tissues, rehydrate the skin and create optimal conditions for
preventing and counteracting the skin aging process white favoring tissue remodeling with a subsequent corrective effect on photo and chrono aging damage and any possible scarring of the skin.
HA also plays a role inside the extracellular matrix, creating the physiological conditions for the proliferation, migration and organization of the dermal cellular component. Moreover, the intradermal administration of PROFHILO® and its action at the dermal layer rather than the epidermal layer, allows an optimal quantity of HA to be brought directly to the tissue being treated, in order to counteract the cytotoxic action of free radicals on the fibroblasts and on the adipose compartments below, ensuring the efficacy of preventive and corrective esthetic medicine treatments.
The HA used in PROFHILO® is produced through the biosynthesis of a natural substrate without further chemical modification. Therefore, PROFHILO® has excellent biocompatibility and its use In the dermis allows integration with endogenous HA which has been reduced and modified due to the physiological aging process of the skin or following superficial cutaneous trauma.
In addition, in vitro studies have been performed to identify incompatibilities and / or interactions between PROFHILO® and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). The results obtained demonstrate that the PRP does not change the rheological behavior of sodium hyaluronate.
PROFHILO® is indicated for treatment of the face and body. However, it is particularly Indicated for treatment of the malar-zygomatic and submalar areas.
An initial cycle of two treatment sessions at 30 day intervals is recommended, followed if necessary by maintenance treatments every 2 months. However, it is suggested to evaluate the specific PROFHILO® protocol according to the patients degree of aging.
Package including 1 pre-filled syringe with 2 needles 29G x ½” (0.33 x 12 mm), in the following available volumes:
– 1 ml pre-filled syringe – 16 mg (H-HA) + 16 mg (L-HA) of hyaluronic acid sodium salt in 1 ml of buffered sodium chloride physiological solution;
– 2 ml pre-filled syringe -32 mg (H-HA) +32 mg (L-HA) of hyaluronic acid sodium salt ¡n 2 ml of buffered sodium chloride physiological solution;
The pre-filled syringes are sterilized by moist heat.
Needles sterilized with ethylene oxide.
Needle: CE 0197; Manufacturer: Terumo Europe N. V. – lnterleuvenlaan 40-3001 Leuven, Belgium


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